"... Graham has been asking everyone how to improve the wet note book... now I have tested the production version all his pestering and hard work has paid off - I love having this in my pocket and miss it when its not there'

"...I used the sailing instruction check list which is such a great idea can't believe we have not seen it before full marks winning wet notes..."

" this book is packed full of great stuff in essence it's taught me to be a better navigator.. . worth every penny."


NEW SIZE - Biggest issue was size it had to fit into your pocket comfortably yet not so small it was unusable.
NEW BINDER - after much testing we have now switched to the coil binder as it allows you to fold the book on the page you are on and put it in your pocket.

NEW pencil - We had to commission our own production run to get exactly what we needed - a half size plastic pencil

"...very very pleased with this product , input from the amateur and professionals round the globe all willing to share their experience. Its a lovely object to hold and have in my pocket"
Graham Sunderland lead designer winning wet notes


also available are spare pencils £1.50 for 3